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30 November 2020 4 Missing Girl Zia Byakika Located Safe - Right Where She Said She Was Going To Be - She Left Here There While She Went With Him - Walmart Not Target - Numbers - By Almeda Mall - Red Car For More On This Visit Https://Briansprediction0 views today
30 November 2020 1 All Death Is Just A Longer Period Of Memory Loss - Teach Your Cells For More On This Visit Https://Briansprediction.Com/Miracle-Cures0 views today
30 November 2020 2 A Reporter Dies In An Upcoming Helicopter Crash - Numbers - News G C R0 views today
29 November 2020 3 Helicopter Crash N - Numbers.0 views today
29 November 2020 2 You Know Her - She Is Going To Die Unless You Tell Her To Get The Test - Doing It Now Will Save Her Life - Not Too Late (np Matter What The Date Of This Dd, Tell Her Please!!)0 views today
29 November 2020 1 Missing Man Anthony Campbell Located In Nottingham - She Did Not Do It - In Your Mind - Rx Is Wrong Why Did You Do This - Numbers - We Will Get You Out Of Here - Alfreton Road Nottingham - Signs Are Everywhere - Find Him Before Its To0 views today
28 November 2020 2 Us Helicopter Crash - Iran Did Not Do This - N (numbers) Deaths Will Not Be In Vain - Boxes Of Food - Cold - Dark - Numbers.0 views today
28 November 2020 3 Fire In 7 Days - Numbers.0 views today
28 November 2020 4 Lottery - Play Now (seriously, Share And Play These Numbers As Soon As You Read This Now Matter Where Or When, Just Play Them!)0 views today
28 November 2020 1 Flynt Lee Murder Case Finally Solved - These Are Not The Men Who Did This - The Police Officer Investigating The Case Help Create Is Retired Now - Ricky Burrow Was Paid 25k By Here - Billy Logan Missing Man - Love - It Was Not Organize0 views today
28 November 2020 5 West World Goes Too Far, Monolith Found At Isle Of Wight Beach Causes The Cult Group To Commit Mass Suicide - 12 Tribes - John Mccracken - Aliens Are Real And 2 Of The Monoliths Are Real, The Third Will Be Discovered On A December 21st0 views today
28 November 2020 6 Not Sure What This Is0 views today
27 November 2020 2 7 More Days.0 views today
27 November 2020 1 Kristin Smart Missing Woman Located - 8055437580 - Plastic Sheets - Look Again Behind The House Under This Object - The Watch Has Blood On It But Its Not Rusted Because Its Plastic - The Watch Is 16 Feet From The Body Case At Https:0 views today
26 November 2020 3 Mary Schlais Killer Still Lives In This Trailer - He Has Killed 18 People In His Book Of 27 - Police Have The Wrong Man - The Voices Still Tell Him To Kill - Top Of The World Park Is Where He Took All Of Them But Only Buried 12 Case0 views today
26 November 2020 1 The Child Is In The Box - A Missing Child I Think - Awful Dream - Soon.0 views today
26 November 2020 2 Senator Doug Mastriano Arrested For Money Laundering And More - Family Member Turns Him In - Hotel - Numbers And Dates.0 views today
25 November 2020 3 Briarcliff Manor Fire Was Arson And This Is Him - Numbers - Not Sure When The Fire Will Happen.0 views today
25 November 2020 2 My Legs Are Gone - Awful Dream About Ready To Happen.0 views today
25 November 2020 1 Steven Pearsall And Christina White Lewis Clark Valley Murders - There Are Actually 4 People Buried At This Location - To Save Time This Is The Location Per Dd - Something To Do With Trains And Electrical Wires Pioneer Park Lewist0 views today
25 November 2020 6 Elliot Broidy And Julian Assange Arrested For Paying Money To Donald Trump Jr. To Get A Full Pardon From President Donald Trump - Operation Free Birds And Numbers. In The First Week Of Next Month, Donald Trump Will Visit Walter Reed0 views today
25 November 2020 4 Sky Stars 12 4 14 Fours 14 47 49 2 ??? A Whole Bunch Of Fours In An Upcoming Lottery - Euro Winning Euromillion Lottery Numbers For December And January 2021 - Threes Are Everywhere - Almost All The Winning Numbers Contain A Three!0 views today
25 November 2020 5 Monday, December 7th (I Checked And Its The First Monday Of Next Month - The Fire And Earthquake Are Somehow Not Related But Important - I Think The Numbers Are The Grid Of The Quake, Not The Fire) 13 More Days The World Will See Th0 views today
24 November 2020 4 Mildred Alexis Old Crow Found Safe - They Wanted A Child - I Dont Know What These Triangle Things Are - Billings Church - Can See Us 90 Case At Https://Briansprediction.Com/Thumbnails.Php?Album=27630 views today
24 November 2020 2 Evil Dog0 views today
24 November 2020 3 Now0 views today
24 November 2020 1 Tube Sock Killings - These Are The Killers And They Are Husband And Wife - Media Reports Are Wrong And Police Have The Wrong Suspect - This Is The Exact Location Of Several Tools They Used Along With The Remains Of 10 Other Missing Per0 views today
24 November 2020 5 Trump Murders Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi - Iran Us War - 32 Days Until Nyc Explosion - Numbers (this Is The Same Dream And Dame Person From May Of This Year - Just Stay Out Of Nyc In 32 Days) 0 views today
22 November 2020 1 Stock Rnvaw Buy At .0011 Sell At $383.22 0 views today
23 November 2020 2 November 28th Breaking News - This Is Him - Not Sure What'S Going To Happen On The 28th.0 views today
23 November 2020 3 Canada 6/49 Church.0 views today
23 November 2020 1 Andre Sterling Located Near Barnstable Airport - He Has Killed 4 People In His Life - Numbers - He Tried To Rent A Car? Case At Https://Briansprediction.Com/Andre-Sterling0 views today
21 November 2020 2 Sidney Powell Arrested For Unknown State Charges - 5618453246 - She Still Has The Hidden Files - Po Box Number 3280 views today
21 November 2020 1 Help Me0 views today
21 November 2020 5 P.B. Trees And Numbers And Lines- Not Sure Maybe A Sign On A Tree Or Maybe A Railroad Sign With Weights.0 views today
21 November 2020 4 J.J. Abrams And Steven Spielberg Sued In Court Over Monolith Stunt - Evan Rachel Wood Did Not Know About The Plan For West World Season 4 - On The Bottom Of The Monolith Is Prop Number Scratched Off - Dugway Proving Ground Shocks The W0 views today
20 November 2020 2 Melanie Road Murder Was Planned By Her And She Was There With Christopher Hampton And Her Blood Is Still In The Evidence Bag #322378S - She Loved Him And Would Do Anything For Him - Beer Cans - Blue Trailer - Police Have A New Suspect 0 views today
20 November 2020 1 November 27th Breaking News - Stay Safe.0 views today
21 November 2020 3 Church Stabbing 408 - This Is In His Room - Lgbtq Hate - Rev Dave Robinson - Numbers And Upcoming Dates In December I Think.0 views today
19 November 2020 4 The Eastbound Strangler This Is Him And He Is Responsible For The Upcoming 3 Murders - He Works In Atlantic City At This Hotel - Numbers - He Will Be Arrested Although I Do Not Know When. Look At This Tattoo - He Loves To Cause Pain F0 views today
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