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Dream number 10929 14 August 2018 1 psychic predictionThis again is related to the Mollie Tibbits MP case, I'm not going to translate it nor will I post this dd in the official case file, as it seems to be getting more attention than normal. Just posting this DD in my nightly dream section will hopefully prevent the wrong person from viewing it as 99.999999% of my readers have no idea where Mollie could e. To the family of're being lied too, and there seems to be something that either you have not discussed with LE and they know it or local LE is hiding from you. I suggest you look again at the area Mollie went missing and do it on your own, something is wrong here and I'm not going to say anything else. This needs to happen NOW as in less than a week...well...please just do everything you can...regardless!!! AGAIN, I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS!!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! TELL MOLLIES FAMILY ABOUT THIS - Dream number 10929 14 August 2018 108/16/18 at 12:51skyshark1325: Same here!
Dream number 10917 12 August 2018 3 psychic predictionMissing woman Kiera Bergman found, not what family thinks, Indian School Roads, accident, he tried before, 6029384964 5661, worked at goodwill thunder - Dream number 10917 12 August 2018 308/16/18 at 12:42skyshark1325: Is there any additional information for this MP?
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