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dream prediction number 6547 28 april 2015 6 dreams brian ladd2 views todayhacker K.I.C.I shuts down banking sites stealing millions of people's personal data, yet banks deny this id theft (this weekend)
dream prediction number 6558 1 may 2015 4 dreams brian ladd2 views todaysomething to do with danger and coke cola
dream prediction number 6562 2 may 2015 2 dreams brian ladd2 views todaydate, time and location of the upcoming Japan earthquake and Tsunami, time is local
unknown language dream from october 5 2013 42 views today
unknown language dream from september 1 2013 32 views today
dream prediction number 6576 6 may 2015 1 dreams brian ladd2 views todaya plane crash to occur on May 9th, this year
dream prediction number 6582 8 may 2015 1 dreams brian ladd2 views todayDetails about man caught in 7.7 earthquake in Guatemala City
dream prediction number 6588 11 may 2015 2 dreams brian ladd2 views todaywinning lottery numbers for next week

something to do with North Korea (DPRK) and fire
dream prediction number 6614 23 may 2015 1 dreams brian ladd2 views todayHeroin overdose official report - murder - yes Chicago 27113 226
dream prediction number 6625 28 may 2015 5 dreams brian ladd2 views today warm love saint Louis true love amazing?
dream prediction number 6666 12 june 2015 2 dreams brian ladd2 views todayfire 77954 zip Sunday 14th of July 2015
dream prediction number 6673 15 june 2015 3 dreams brian ladd2 views today10428 - love June 25th 2015 (313) 596-2900 June ?
dream prediction number 6683 18 june 2015 1 dreams brian ladd2 views today117 112 Ronen Shilo k??? outside building ???? Dumkani hitman 17,000
dream prediction number 6691 21 june 2015 1 dreams brian ladd2 views todaydetails of the 4th terrorist-related train derailment next week
dream prediction number 6725 9 july 2015 2 dreams brian ladd2 views todayTrain derailment, ll the specifics are on the dd

8/2/2015 - this event happen about 7 days later
dream prediction number 6742 25 july 2015 5 dreams brian ladd2 views todayOk, I will try and explain this..try not to overanalyze it.

We are not suppose to think in human-taught language...

We were suppose to think like all other animal species on visions, smells and emotions...never words that were created by other humans.

Words are for commutation only, not self-talk, which in reality is always repetitive, useless and insane.

Imagine growing up without human taught would you think?

There should never be any voice in your head...especially one that speaks English.

If we can truly understand this, the secrets to everything will be realized.

dream prediction number 6745 1 august 2015 3 dreams brian ladd2 views todaythis is the tail number of a small plane crash, Cessna 172
dream prediction number 6755 4 august 2015 2 dreams brian ladd2 views todaythis is graffiti on the school building, before the event
dream prediction number 6760 5 august 2015 4 dreams brian ladd2 views todaybio bag - last 7 days, Abdul Rahman Haroun confesses to biological 'bomb' that killed 2,170 people on March 16 in a tunnel
dream prediction number 6761 6 august 2015 1 dreams brian ladd2 views todaycody and zac gold backwards 'no more to come ; 122228209 joke? 66 12228209 heart flowers in box wooden box 'no secrets' 'only love'
dream prediction number 6782 12 august 2015 4 dreams brian ladd2 views todayPoison Texas, east turkey movement, poison, can't breath, no air, lies, 1737 huntsman no black smoke, beach (terrorist attack on a beach in Texas, covered up by DHS)
dream prediction number 6799 17 august 2015 3 dreams brian ladd2 views today+86 -n 533 7978775 Turkey Terrorist 601 is company leader 601 cw661

east turkey movement Islam no more lies 601 86--533 Midori cell
dream prediction number 6803 19 august 2015 1 dreams brian ladd2 views todaythe reason why people are getting sick in California is related to the terrorist attack in China (see past DDS)
dream prediction number 6807 20 august 2015 3 dreams brian ladd2 views todayKirby Park broken bridge Kingston
dream prediction number 6808 20 august 2015 4 dreams brian ladd2 views todayyear of birth lottery, 7 13 8
dream prediction number 6814 22 august 2015 3 dreams brian ladd2 views todayNotes from God (really) but not for me, again I felt like I was a court stenographer taking notes from God talking to a person he knows very well, a healer. page 3
dream prediction number 6836 1 september 3 dreams brian ladd2 views todaynot sure
dream prediction number 6842 2 september 1 dreams brian ladd2 views todaynot sure ?
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