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dream prediction number 5689 june 10 2014 2 dreams brian ladd80 views todaywater ride accident, here
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dream prediction number 6626 29 may 2015 1 dreams brian ladd80 views todayDowntown, 26, the same man who is late for work on Monday in June, will be the same man who dies in car accident on July 4th of 2015, tell him not to go (this DD is not for me)
dream prediction number 6899 17 september 3 dreams brian ladd80 views todayfarmington hills Michigan 1/4 miles from road buried 613 lake shore
My Sister Christine Ladd died please help save the live of a cat or dog today80 views todayChristine Ladd, I will always love you, your brother Brian.
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psychic prediction 7160 26 april 2016 7 ladd80 views todayThis is th e son of God
psychic prediction 7431 31 july 2016 1 ladd80 views todaybrain, this is the death symbol cayce (no comment right now, need to talk to someone)
Dream number 8777 22 May 2017 2 by Brian Ladd80 views todayAlexeil Kuzmichev killed in New York City bathroom behind the pool? - Dream number 8777 22 May 2017 2
Dream number 9571 12 November 2017 1 psychic prediction80 views todayI know this sounds silly and my belief in GOD is gone after the death of my sister...BUT THIS TIME ONLY...I going to share a private dream with you. As of 11.12.17 not a single lottery in the world has results even close to these numbers...and I told you so JESUS!!!! I know this sounds silly and my believe in GOD is gone after the death of my sister...BUT THIS TIME ONLY...I going to share a private dream with you. As of 11.12.17 not a single lottery in the world has results even close to these numbers...and I told you so JESUS!!!! and why the HELL would A REAL GOD let my sister die and then talk about a stupid lottery!!!!!!!!!! - Dream number 9571 12 November 2017 - @
Dream number 9575 12 November 2017 6 psychic prediction80 views todayGlass ball with a skyscraper in it, water, people in rafts (I was trying to save them) - Dream number 9575 12 November 2017 6 - @
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Dream number 10373 30 April 2018 2 psychic prediction80 views todayA Hawaii earthquake and volcanic eruption next month is related to the 9.2 San Francisco quake on August 9th, 2018 (search site for more on the upcoming 9.2 quake) -Dream number 10373 30 April 2018 2
Madeleine McCann drawing 1 small80 views today5.23.2007
This is one of the dreams I had last night, I think that sleeping with my first DD under my pillow seems to be working now. I'm almost certain these DD's are related to the Madeleine case.
Brian Ladd of Brians Dreams -
"15 minute walk from the hotel room, check again, he works for the hotel, RM --"
Brian Ladd of Brians Dreams -
"Police know where Madeleine is -- "British dog find Madeleine Alive" sky, do not trust local authorities, 770 NPIA"
Suggestion: Have the British Police Dogs search the entire location again, and do an independent investigation without involving any local authorities.
Hello Brian
I don't know if this helps but I read the letters in your dream from last night as NPIA (not APIA as you typed) and was trying to work out of this was something to do with the Portuguese police. When I googled it I found the following in a longer article on the BBC website:
Hello Brian
I don't know if this helps but I read the letters in your dream from last night as NPIA (not APIA as you typed) and was trying to work out of this was something to do with the Portuguese police. When I googled it I found the following in a longer article on the BBC website:
Madeleine police plea for photos
Tourists who have visited the Algarve resort where Madeleine McCann was abducted are being asked to send their holiday photographs to British police.
They want anyone who was in the Praia da Luz area in the two weeks before the four-year-old disappeared on 3 May to send their photos to a new website.
Officers will cross-reference them with a database of UK paedophiles.
Making their appeal for photographs, UK police said they wanted pictures that included strangers in the background, but not family or empty scenic shots.
Photos can be uploaded via a website -
The photographs will be cross-referenced against a database of pictures of UK paedophiles and other criminals, with police able to check 1,000 an hour.
Photos with strangers in the background
Taken between 19 April and 3 May
Upload photos at
Volunteer searchers to contact police on 0800 0961233
Any relevant information will then be passed on to the Portuguese police.
Jim Gamble, of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre, said: "No matter how small or insignificant the information may seem to you, it could be the missing part of the jigsaw, so let us decide if it is important.
"We are looking for anyone who was at the Ocean Club Resort or surrounding area in the two weeks leading up to Madeleine's disappearance on 3 May, who have photographs that might help our work."
Detective Chief Superintendent Anne Harrison, of the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA), said it was possible Madeleine was still being hidden in Praia da Luz.
She also appealed for anyone who took a part in the initial search for her, before the Portuguese police arrived, to contact police on 0800 0961233.
A number of UK law enforcement agencies are helping the Portuguese authorities, including Leicestershire Constabulary, the Association of Chief Police Officers, CEOP and the NPIA.
Further to my earlier email I have just found another article on the NPIA website that may throw some light on your 'don't trust local authorities' comment.
Here it is:
As you'll see the final paragraph quotes the Detective Superintendent from the NPIA
"Finally to anyone who believes they may know where Madeleine is being concealed or hidden. We do not know the reason why she was taken but the Portuguese authorities have searched extensively around Praia da Luz and she has not been found. It is possible she is being hidden or concealed in some way and if you know where then by now you may have realised it is in everybody's interest that she is returned to her family".
This could mean that we shouldn't trust that they have searched extensively or possibly that someone from the Portuguese authorities are involved in Madeleine's concealment.
Best wishes
Alison, England
Thanks Alison, and I have posted your information.
Since this was a dream, I do not have too much memory of it, however my dreams tend to be much more accurate that my remote viewings,
I'm actually just a beginner when it comes to the field of remote viewing, or whatever its called.
Hello Brian,
Regarding 2nd pic for 5.23.2007, I wonder if, instead of APIA it's
NPIA - kinda looks like that to me - wonder if it's "National
Policing Improvement Agency".
If so, the following website makes interesting reading, especially
with reference to your suggestion "Have the British Police Dogs
search the entire location again" and mentions the NPIA in UK:
If only they'd been able to search in first place...
btw, in first pic of same date as above, there are extra words - can
you tell us what they were - looks like "Sky Huoys" or something
Hi, yes, it does seem to be an 'N" and have changed it. Do you know if dogs from the UK have been used to search the area? If not, I would highly recommend it.
Hi Brian,
Please do not give up on the Madeleine case. The whole world wants her back safe. The mail you received regarding what a reverend had seen backs up your visions and gives hope to us.
Thank you for working on this case.
God bless
Hi Debbie, I will not give up :)
Brian -
You are just amazing! I found out about you on Sky News. I cannot get Madeleine McCann out of my mind. I see her when I go to sleep. She's safe, but very sad and misses her family so much. I have also "seen" the couple you have been describing. I do not feel they have hurt her and just want her for themselves--because they cannot have a child of their own. I also do believe that Murat and the Russian guy are very much involved with this case.
How do I post what I've seen? I'm not psychic but I do believe you when you say that all of us have dreams like this--we just don't understand what we are seeing. I've had a few dreams that have come true. I believe what you are seeing is accurate. I hope the Portuguese Police and Madeleine's family are reading your viewings and checking out your Web site.
I keep praying too that she is returned to her family soon.
Thank you for what you are doing! God has surely blessed you! And your readings have given me so much comfort. This case has consumed me. It's all I think about.
Hi Stacy, and thanks for the help...I really need it. If you have any dreams that you think are related, please try and write down your dream the best you can. You can scan what you have and email it to me or FAX it to me at 304 258-2347....thanks again
on your latest drawing you mention check the hotel room again and the initials RM i think these are the initials of rober murat the only suspect in the case and he wears glasses like you drew and about british dog finding maddie alive well portugeese police are refusing our best dogs to go over there and apparently these dogs are good they can sniff blood from a knife days after it has been wiped off are the portugeese police hiding something? And thankyou so much for saying we should be proud of our country in all that we are doing to find maddie if she is found the no stone unturned fund set up by maddies family is going to be used to help find other missing children in the world i really hope she is found soon ive sent your pics what you drew to the sun and emailed your info to the Madeleine website in hope that they take this info seriously keep up the good work dont ever stop what you are doing as me and my family think you have a wonderfull gift
take care and congrats on your third child
Hi, I'm still not certain that RM is Mr. Murat...if the local police are refusing to let British Police dogs search the area something is very wrong. From what I know dogs can track scents that are months old...this is very strange. Why would such a request be denied?
The foundation sounds wonderful, do you have a link to it? I would also like to make a donation....I have been trying for months now to get DirectTV and Dish Network to setup a 24 hours missing persons channel...with no luck so far.
We are expecting a girl in a few months, and thanks for the kind words.
Hi Brian,
I was just wondering if the police in Portugal know more than they are letting on or do Madeleine's parents know something too? I have read so many comments and it seems people think something is not quite right. Please say that Madeleine will be found soon as she is all I think about all day. I have a 1 year old and I would die if she wasn't with me.
You are doing a wonderful thing and you have the support of so many people.
Take care to you and your family
Hi Debbie, I still think she will be found safe, I also believe I have done everything I can to help. If I'm able to find out anything, I will post it on the site...and too.
Comments about Madeleine's Parents:
I have been getting posts like this about Madeleine's parents, and I realize that in most cases I post everything I send and receive, but I'm making an exception in this case as it's not appropriate...the points made are justified, but the timing is completely wrong and I will not post them on my site. Actually it makes me sick thinking anyone would bring this up right now. Once she is found safe, then send me your comments, I will post them...but right now they are not helping in the search for Madeleine.
Personal Note for my UK readers:
As you may know, I live in the United States, and on average we have one child of Madeleine's age go missing at least once a month. I have never seen anyone of these missing person cases get the attention as Madeleine's, nor have I received so many emails from one case.
From what I have been told, the UK media has been has been doing a wonderful job in getting her picture out to the world. Several readers from the UK have told me that every time they turn on a TV or pick up a newspaper, Madeleine's picture is still the top story.
Your countries concern for this missing child is something that we should all take notice of and learn from...and you should be very proud of this and of the country you live in.
5441 h3680 views today"DA Luz 272 - tennis courts - she is still there -- close, police check building again. * Red Book * Matches * Cell phone * Jogger saw her" 5.17.2007
Apparently there is some video of a women and a man near the little girls apartment.
And something about another man. If this is true you may be correct that they wanted a child.
I do so hope this is the case and that there are no cruel intentions for this abduction. Just two people who wanted a child to love. If that too is the case I'm sure they will be caught. Has anyone sent your DD to the police so they can see the apartment number of 272?
Brian, you are very good at this and I hope you are correct that she if found soon.,,2076419,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=11
Thanks Michelle, and I hope I am too.
Hi Brian,
Thank you kindly for your quick response. I have attached a picture of Robert Murat (the main suspect in the case) - What do you think? Police say that they haven't got enough evidence to charge him but say that he is a main suspect.
ALSO: Just got an update on Sky News: They are now starting to search a property also nearby,down near the beach that is next to a church. (Perhaps this has something to do with the cross you saw in your dream?) - Fingers crossed.
Did you manage to find out if she was 'Safe' again.
God bless.
Christine Skelton
Hi Christine, yes I think it might be, also seems to match my recent RV.
Missing Madeleine McCann psychic reading by Brian Ladd 2006 to 2018 new information posted page80 views today
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